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4 Things to Remember When Considering Veganism

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Veganism can be really intimidating at first! Here are some things that helped me make (and maintain) the change.

1.Take it slow

Like any change, be it lifestyle or dietary, making drastic cuts and setting really strict goals can make maintaining that change incredibly difficult. So when making the decision to switch to Veganism, consider making small changes first and then gradually increasing those changes. For instance, switching to non-dairy milks, or making one or two days a week for vegan-only meals. The goal is to avoid framing the move as a “loss” of something. Instead, frame the changes as “additions” to your lifestyle.


2.Veganism can be affordable if you do it right.

Lack of affordability is a common misconception about vegan living. Alleviating that misconception boils down to a few simple rules. First, veganism should not be about eating a lot of over-processed foods as substitutes for a non-vegan diet. Those fancy cuisine meals and food with “VEGAN” packaging are often really expensive and not at all reflective of more readily available foods. Veganism should actually be relatively cheap because it focuses on fruits and vegetables, things like lentils and grains, nuts, and staples like rice (pulses and nuts are also very important for protein). You can eat vegan without breaking the bank.


3.Be kind to yourself.

Sometimes, you’re going to want bacon. And if you’re in the US and other meat-centric countries, you are going to be surrounded by temptation. It is important to remember why veganism matters and what factors helped drive you to it. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up! Vegans, like all people, aren’t perfect. So be kind to yourself when you feel the urge to slip back into a non-vegan lifestyle.


Remember the bigger picture.

For many of us, veganism is ultimately about empathy and making our world a better place. So looking at what veganism gives to the world is just as important as what meals you eat. Giving the world a chance to recover, a chance to be kinder, is the main goal.


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